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Paul Kalra taught me not only how to be a safe and responsible driver he educated me in the road rules he acted professionally and made me feel comfortable with my driving limits he asked how confident you were becoming in your abilities and encouraged you to make mistakes so you can become better. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from him and would highly encourage many others to you are always in the great company and in safe hands with Paul kalra.

Josh Dade

If you want to pass your drive test this is the driving instructor for you! I’m a nervous person when it comes to tests and he completely made my anxiety lower significantly in every way, especially on the test day. Super clear instructions were patient, made sure I was completely ready for the test from lots of lessons, would recommend to anyone!

Tia Beagley

Would definitely recommend Paul. When learning how to drive? helped me out so much to pass my Driver’s Test.

Spiros Antoniou

Easily passed my drive with lots of confidence as I had previous lessons with Paul. His way of teaching and feedback to myself as a learner was very reassuring and comforting. Definitely recommend Paul for all the driving lessons – I’m very happy!

Milly Whitehead

Paul was an amazing instructor. I covered everything that I was required to know for the driving test in a very short amount of time. Very professional and patient with his instructing. Highly recommend taking lessons from him if you want your test to go smooth and easy.

Akash Ramaswamy

Passed on my first test. Great instructor, teaches you anything you need to know and helps to build your confidence on the road.

Mark Fernandez

Paul was relaxed and made it easy to learn. I had some funny stories about other learners too.

Daniel Smith

Paul is super patient, reassuring and laidback. He explains everything in a clear and easy to understand manner, it is so easy to learn from him! Fun to talk to and I really appreciate how at ease he made me feel before my test. Thank you, Paul!! I’d give you 5 stars but I can’t find the button for it lol.

Elleyssa Neow

Paul is easy going, a very nice person and has a great sense of humor. More importantly, he is patient to whatever level of driving experience you have and accommodates well to what date and time you want your lesson. I ended up passing my test and would recommend Paul to any learner needing help.

Jacob Mustac

Paul is a great instructor, he has clear instructions and explains anything you are unsure about! He made getting my P’s a whole lot easier!

Jayden Fowkes

I started to take lessons with Paul as an inexperienced driver with very little confidence and someone who was on L plates for two years taking lessons from various instructors. As soon as I met Paul he came up with a suitable plan for me and within a few months he made me into a more observant, safe and confident driver. Now I have passed my drive test and proudly holding on to my P2 license. All credit goes to you, Paul!!! I can recommend you enough.

Lakshi Wijekoon

As a great driving instructor, Paul made the process of getting my Ps so much easier. He is highly experienced, hence was able to assist me greatly in improving my driving ability and ultimately passing my test! Thank you, Paul.

Melissa Thyreum

Paul is a very good instructor and very professional. I would definitely recommend him.

Anuron Mukherjee

Paul is everything you want in a driving instructor. He is extremely clear about exactly what you need to do on the roads, he is calm and reassuring when you get flustered or nervous and he is always up for an AWESOME conversation. I actually looked forward to my driving lessons! I would highly recommend him to EVERYONE. Paul accompanied me in my test and made the whole experience a lot less daunting and nerve-racking.
He is an all-round great person who knows his stuff back to front and because of him, I am a much more confident driver.

Evangeline Stogiannou

Highly recommend Paul. He has taught both my sons and they passed their tests 1st time.

Debbie Eccles

Paul was a great instructor. It gives you instructions in a clear and easy to understand way. Calm and easy-going nature keeps you from getting too nervous, also very easy to get along with which makes for easy conversation.

Corey Halliday

Paul was a great driving instructor!! Very patient and clear. If you want to pass your test, make sure you get some lessons from this guy.

Josh Watts

Paul is THE BEST. Very professional and patient. I would highly recommend.

Kanika Vikas

Fantastic instructor! Ran me through everything I needed to know in order to pass my test. He definitely wouldn’t have passed without his help. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Dinuk Fernando

Definitely get together with Paul if you want to learn some very important driving skills!! Easy to talk to and clear with instructions.

Kristian Sekulovski

I passed my driving test easily by having previous lessons with Paul. Very easy and clear instructions all the way through.
Paul always required me with the right knowledge of every lesson I had. I would definitely recommend Paul to any learner driver just starting out.

Deanna Deangelis

A great instructor teaches everything you need to know and is great support. Not only did I learn everything I need to know but he also helped me to be able to stay calm on the road and not be nervous. Thanks to him I passed the driving test with ease and am ready for future driving. Excellent choice.

Sarah Maree Stephens

Paul Kalra… What a Fantastic Instructor and Great Teacher, very clear with his instructions with a lot of patients. His Focus on his students is not only to pass their tests but to Excel in driving. I would highly suggest and request to choose Paul Kalra as an Instructor. Thanks for mentoring me, Paul.

Kavita Gajjar

If you are looking for an instructor who not only is a fantastic teacher when it comes to learning to drive as well as an all-round great guy Paul is the man to see! He was always very calm and polite when teaching me and made me feel very comfortable during both lessons and the test. He also always tried his hardest to give me lessons on short notice and moved things around to fit my schedule, could not recommend him higher.

Lachie Sverns